weight loss Malta

Do you recognize any of these?


  • You are eating in a way that you think should be making you slim but you struggle to keep weight off.

  • You have cravings or binge on certain foods, especially sweet or carbohydrate foods.

  • You find it hard to feel motivated.

  • You feel that your body is fat and looks unattractive.

  • You have low self-esteem and lack confidence.

  • You are confused by the array of diet and food information.

  • You still want and hope to lose weight but wonder if you will ever find that magic piece of the puzzle.

  • You have read every diet book going and done every programme.

  • Maybe you even think there is nothing left to learn that could make a difference.

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about food.

  • You say that you love food but a lot of the food you eat is eaten without you even being aware of it.

  • You get excited when you start a diet but then feel disappointed when you fall off the wagon.

  • You consider yourself a dieting failure

We all have habits that we are comfortable with. Some of you have tried repeatedly to change them.

  • Use more Willpower

  • Try Wishful thinking

  • Hoping it will change

  • Trying harder, and harder

  • Arguing with yourself hoping you will win

  • Get Angry for failing, again

  • I just want it to be simple, don't you?

Change can be easy, it just depends on how you approach it

Imagine if you could –

  • Enjoy eating with pleasure.

  • Feel good about your body.

  • Feel good about yourself

  • Like what you see in the mirror . . .

  • Feel really good in your body and mind . . .

  • Hear compliments and congratulations on the new you?


What do you really want? You chose.

To Keep struggling and failing
Or Change the way you feel about yourself and food
Now, get serious. 
Let's get started!

We Have Several Solutions for you 


Personalized 1 on 1 Weight Loss Course

a mixture of Personalized Nutritional counselling, hypnotherapy, &  NLP sessions to kick start permanent weight loss

*Can be by Skype or face to face

Everyone is different so we start with a 1 on 1 initial consultation at which we look at your eating habits and problems. Dependent upon your own specific needs we combine a mixture of nutritional counselling, hypnotherapy and NLP to kick start you into permanent weight loss.

Between 2 - 5 further sessions are all that's required for you to lose the weight and keep it off permanently

We Also Offer Individual MP3's Or  1 on 1 in person sessions for the following weight loss issues

Banish fast food

Banish Fast Food and Regain Your Natural Shape

Use hypnosis to break the fast food habit and achieve your weight loss and health goals 

Stop boredom eating

Stop boredom eating - and find something better to do!

Quickly get control over the monotony munchies with hypnosis

Control Hunger Pangs

Control hunger pangs with hypnosis

Use hypnosis to learn a new way to respond to hunger signals

Eat more fibre hypnosis

Eat More Fiber and Enjoy Improved Mental and Physical Health

Make a lasting positive dietary change with hypnosis

eat slowly

Slow down your eating and give your digestion a chance

We all know we should eat slowly and chew our food properly, so why is it do difficult to remember to do it? 

enjoy healthy fats

Enjoy healthy fats for a more balanced diet ..

Hypnosis can help you naturally choose healthy fats so you can enjoy all the benefits of a balanced diet

enjoy healthy cooking

Enjoy Healthy Cooking and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Get the motivation to cook healthy food and develop a helpful habit.

enjoy healthy celbrations weight loss

Enjoy Celebrations without Unhealthy Food and Drink

Put your wellbeing first while celebrating those special occasions with this deeply relaxing hypnosis session

keep weight off after reaching your target weight

Keep weight off after reaching your weight target

Hypnosis will help you keep weight off after a successful diet

Low card diet help.jpg

Make a low carb diet an instinctive part of your life

perfect body.jpg

Program your mind to reveal your perfect body

portion control.jpg

Regain Portion Control and Start Eating The Right Amount

Ways to stick to your diet no matter what

How to stick to a diet no matter what

stop binge eating.jpg

Stop binge eating and get your life back


Stop comfort eating

stop emotional eating

Stop emotional eating and reach your weight loss goals

Stop night eating

Stop night eating now with hypnosis

overcome sugar addiction

Overcome sugar addiction


Super Slim Me – How to program your mind with your weight loss goals

Think thin

Think Thin - that's how to get and stay slim

weight loss motivation

Keep your weight loss motivation up so your weight goes down


Beat that Weight Loss Plateau

beat weight loss plateau

Beat that Weight Loss Plateau


Weight Loss Packages & Special Offers

weight loss management pack x 5

Weight Management 5-Download Pack

Develop the psychological approaches to food of naturally slim people

If you cant find exactly what you are looking for Above or you have a number of issues with food and eating please contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you .

 Discount Is always give for multiple in person sessions or courses of sessions