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marketing confusion

You trained to be a therapist or practitioner because you wanted to help people




The problem is ....

No one showed you how to effectivly reach the people that need your expertise.. and its all so confusing in this online & offline digital world theres so much to do ...

You have bills to pay and you need to earn a good living to pay those bills and to provide for you and your family so that you can carry on helping the people who need your expertise... 

Are You Struggling to Get More Clients?

The main reason 4 out of 5 small businesses fail in the first five years is due to a lack of effective marketing

Marketing is all very confusing and overwhelming but you do need it to grow your practise.
After all, even if you are the best practitioner in the world, if no one knows about you, how can you help them?

We're passionate about helping therapists & practitioners  thrive by creating marketing & websites that attracts ideal clients using project based learning.

If you re reading this I'm guessing you're a THERAPIST or practitioner ... who basically needs more clients .... 

When you started your therapy or practise training  you probably weren't  concerned with or even aware of how important it was to master the business side of being a practitioner ... your goal was to help as many people as possible

But ....

  • You might be the best practitioner in the world but if no one knows about you how can you help them ??? 

Learn quickly how to build a prosperous ethical practise and the only way to do that is let people know about you which means you need to to learn marketing ..


The Old Saying .. if you build it they will come is no longer applicable ...

You need to let people know that you're there

In the current economic climate, getting really good at marketing is no longer just an option. If you want to have a thriving practice it’s essential.

If you have a PRACTICE the rules have completely changed over the last 12 months & Most Therapists & Practitioners Have No Idea How To Reach Potential Clients In An Increasingly Competitive and High Tech Marketplace

Now I know that might sound a little dramatic but please stay with me for a little while because I have a long track record in helping practitioners literally launch or relaunch their practises or products


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