Every day, people from all walks of life, with all kinds of problems need someone they can turn to

At a time of crisis, when you are experiencing problems it is important to be able to contact someone who can listen and provide counselling immediately or at a time to suit. Counselling offers you a safe, secure, supported place to express how you really feel. This helps you unravel any confusion in your life, to feel clearer about who you are, and what life means to you. Together we can face the things that might be causing your anxiety, distress, or pain...and release any painful emotions that you may be experiencing. 

Then counselling can help you choose the way ahead for you...with any changes you would like to make.

Counselling is also a wonderful way of uncovering the riches inside you...finding your own answers from the wisdom within, together with the wonderful potential that is you... waiting to be discovered. Please see here for list of problems which we may be able to help with

“Thanks Kimberley, you literally saved my life, I felt utterly stuck and couldn’t see a way out my mind just kept going around and around and I couldn’t function for all the stress, Now I have not only found the light outside of the tunnel but am actually smiling and living the life I was meant to. I never imagined I could be this calm and fulfilled.”
— Maria, Hotel Manageress, St.Pauls Bay


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