Stop emotional eating and reach your weight loss goals


Keep emotional and physical needs apart with hypnosis


If you could stop emotional eating today, what difference will it make to your life?

Who will be the first to notice?

You may wonder how you got into this pickle. You know perfectly well, in your head, that the best thing to do when you're hungry is to eat. You and every single other creature on this earth knows this. It's how we survive. You know, and not just in your head, that consuming food when you're notactually hungry is a recipe for discomfort, guilt, damaged self-esteem and - weight gain.

Stop emotional eating? How did it get started?

How come human beings, alone among all the thousands of species of creatures that exist, sometimes try to meet needs that are nothing to do with bodily hunger with food? To feel frustrated and, instead of dealing with what is upsetting them, head for the kitchen for some pizza. To feel lonely and, instead of looking for more social connections, munch on a bar of chocolate. What's that all about?

Well, partly it's because we're so clever. (Ironic, don't you think?)

We're also the only creatures (as far as we know), who use symbols. We can make one thing stand for another. This is a brilliant ability, and it has allowed us to develop highly sophisticated cultures and do things that, on the face of it, ought to be quite impossible for us. But we can, and do, use symbols in negative as well as positive ways.

This is what happens when we feel an emotional pang, which is in some ways like a hunger pang, so that we get reminded somehow of the comfort that comes from eating when we're hungry. Then, without really thinking too hard about it, we make that 'eating comfort' stand in for whatever it is that would really satisfy that emotional need. And we eat.

Tackling the wrong problem

You'll know about those awful guilt feelings that afflict you after you've indulged in such emotional eating, as if you've done something really wrong, and you're somehow a bad person. But that guilt is also an effect of misusing symbols. It stands in for the real problem, which is that some important need of yours is not being met.

This is all very well, you say, and very interesting, but how do I get out of it? I didn't deliberately decide to start eating like this, but it seems I can't stop, even though I want to!

Hypnosis can help you change long-standing habits

Stop emotional eating is a powerful audio hypnosis session that can help you lose weight and maintain a healthier life style by breaking the grip of this behavior pattern at the level where it became established - in your unconscious mind.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your download, you'll notice a number of subtle yet significant changes taking place. You'll find that

  • each time you relax and give yourself this private time, your mind gets clearer and your emotions calmer
  • you learn a powerful way to change the way negative experiences from the past influence you in the present
  • it starts to feel quite natural to keep emotional needs and physical needs quite separate in your mind - and in what you do
  • you begin to find creative ways to deal with your emotional needs in more truly satisfying ways
  • it feels natural and normal to eat more healthily every day
  • you begin to feel really good about yourself

Download Stop emotional eating or book a personalised in person session and take that burden off your shoulders.

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