Enjoy Healthy Cooking and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals


Get the motivation to cook healthy food and develop a helpful habit.


It is now well-accepted that lasting weight loss comes with a healthy lifestyle, and not from short-term unnatural dietary restrictions or 'diets'. To make a successful and lasting change to the way you eat, your body needs to start requesting from you the sort of foods that are good for you and will lead naturally to the maintenance of a healthy weight.

That may involve expanding your experience of food types, cooking more carefully for yourself, avoiding fast food or other alterations to your lifestyle. The place where you have most control over what you eat is in your own kitchen, and so that is where you can have the biggest impact on your weight loss aims.

Take the leap and start cooking.... healthy food

That is why we developed Enjoy Healthy Cooking. If you have been in the habit of eating the same foods for a long time, cooking a restricted menu (or not cooking at all), getting into the habit of cooking for yourself and your family in a healthy way can be a bit of a leap.

However, with the help of this advanced hypnosis session, plus a little experimentation and creativity from yourself, you will make a bigger change to your health and wellbeing than any other you can make.

Download Enjoy Healthy Cooking or book an in person session today and see what your unconscious mind can cook up!

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If this isn't exactly what you are looking for or you have a number  of issues with food and eating please contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you .

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