Super Slim Me 

 How to program your mind with your weight loss goals


Train your unconscious mind to help you lose weight naturally with hypnosis


Are you wondering if your dream of being super slim can ever come true?

Are you fed up with being fed up with the slow pace of progress towards your ideal weight?

People claim that fat people are 'more jolly', but when did you last feel like laughing about your weight? You know all about the risks to your health, and all about how it affects your self-esteem. And goodness knows, you've tried and tried and tried to get that weight off and it's no wonder you get discouraged and sometimes feel tempted to give up altogether.

What is the best way to become healthily slim?

The challenge is not to find the 'perfect weight loss program' (there's plenty of them about!) but to find a way of making the mentalemotional and psychological changes that will enable you to stay focused on your goals and to develop the mindset of a naturally slim person.

And there is a way to do this.

Hypnosis can help you develop the mindset of the naturally slim

Super slim me is a powerful audio hypnosis session developed by psychologists. It will tap directly into your unconscious mind and create your own personal irresistible blueprint for slimness.

As you repeatedly relax and listen to your download, you'll notice that you

  • feel much less stressed and much more determined
  • develop a clear and compelling sense of exactly how you will be in your future
  • start to establish a long-term sustainable flexible health plan
  • no longer get derailed by setbacks or slips
  • find yourself just naturally eating more sensibly more often - and really enjoying it
  • begin to feel so much more in control of yourself and your life

Download Super Slim Me or book a personalised in person session  and make your healthy future a reality.

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If this isn't exactly what you are looking for or you have a number of issues with food and eating please contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you .

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