Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

Cancer, in all its forms, is a horrible thing to experience. Treatment is often harrowing and exhausting. Cancer sufferers need all the help they can get.

Our in person sessions & downloads for alternative cancer treatments have been carefully developed for use alongside whatever medical treatment is being given. They are NOT intended to replace medical treatment.

What these in person sessions & downloads will do is help you manage any anxiety or pain associated with your cancer, or with its treatment, and reduce the negative side effects that all too often accompany the treatment. They will help you boost your immune response, and stay as positive as you can through this difficult time.

The more in control you are, and the more relaxation you get, the better equipped you will be to fight cancer.

All proceeds from our cancer treatment downloads go to our nominated childrens' cancer charities

Things we can help with - please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way

Cancer - Stay Positive

Easier Needles & Cannulas - hypnosis can reduce discomfort and anxiety

Cope with Waiting for Cancer Test Results

Reduce Chemotherapy Nausea with Hypnosis