How to stop self-sabotaging yourself

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How To STOP Self Sabotage

Tips To Help You Stop Self Sabotage …

Did you eat (almost) the whole chocolate cake when your goal was to lose fifteen pounds?

On your last visit to the mall, did you buy three pairs of shoes and a jacket that you didn’t have the need for?

You know you are good at your work and expecting a promotion soon. But as the time for the advancement comes near, did you unintentionally start missing deadlines and showed up late for work?

We can relate to these and many other examples in our daily life that we act out as contrary to our self-interest. This is called self-sabotage and whether we do it consciously or subconsciously – it can be destructing and a significant obstacle in our way of achieving goals.

What causes self-sabotage?

There may be many reasons to indulge in self-sabotage. Usually our poor self-esteem prevents us from doing the things that are essential for our prosperity. For example, someone was verbally abused as a child. They were called ‘stupid’ and never recognized for the intelligence they possessed. Growing up the individual will believe their lack of intelligence and fail to treat themselves as a person capable of doing tasks of intellectual nature.

We humans also fear getting out of our comfort zone. We assure ourselves that we are fine the way we are.  Our internal voice keeps whispering ‘soothing’ comments in our ears that make us believe that one more piece of cake will not hurt or the extra TV time is well deserved after a tiring day at work.

However, excessive self-sabotage can create several negative effects in our life including impact our health, depression, financial issues, social anxiety, loss of job, and even personal conflictions.

How to overcome self-sabotage

To stop the act of self-sabotage, we must recognize when we are getting in our own way. Most of the time we are aware of the situation. For example

+, we procrastinate important tasks when we know they are immediately required. Or sometimes we sabotage our best interest out of impulse such as make purchases when they are not required or binge watch episodes of Friends when we have exams the next day.

Regardless of the reason, self-sabotage should be stopped and here are some tips to help you:

1.       Accept responsibility

Always remember that you are liable for the outcome from your choices and actions. Stop playing the victim card through your emotional or mental health and get in control of your life.

2.       Identify the self-destructing patterns

What do you do to stop yourself from achieving the important tasks? Do you press the snooze button when the alarm rings or do you obsess over unimportant things when you should be concentrating on the project in hand?

Once you identify the behaviors, try to stop your instincts and avoid the self-destructing patterns.

3.       Believe in positivity

Negative thoughts usually make way for self-sabotaging behavior. Don’t allow your inner saboteur to get the best of you and believe in the positive mantra. Hypnosis is also helpful in this matter where the positive thoughts are penetrated deep into your subconscious mind – enabling you to pursue your goals more effectively and successfully.

4.       Stay away from those who doubt your worth

Instead of being with people who put you down, enlist a group of friends/family that encourage you to do more.

Remember your self-worth

Last but not the least – always remember your self-worth. The higher you will find your self-worth to be, the more confident you will have with your work and surroundings – enabling you to achieve more than you imagined.

How Hypnosis can help

How to Stop Self Sabotage

Using hypnosis to update your unconscious mind to stop undermining your own best interests

Are you tired of feeling like things you try never quite work out?

Do you feel like you sometimes get in your own way when it comes to life fulfillment?

You know where you want to get to in life, at least where you think you want to go. But there's that other part of you that brings doubt and ultimately causes you to back out of following your goals because of fear.

This can happen in all areas of life, including:

  • Fitness

  • Relationships

  • Work

  • Dieting.

And fear is a key factor in these situations. Because self sabotage happens when we are afraid of a part of our goal. This causes unconscious conflict, which manifests itself as actions and feelings that work against that goal.

By the end, we aren't where we want to be, but at least we were right in our low estimations of ourselves.

It's a vicious cycle.

The dangers of self preservation

But of course, the vindication we feel when we fail to attain a goal, but expected it, is detrimental to our healthy progression in life.

And the joy of true success in life far outweighs that of self preservation.

The trick is to make the achievement of the goal feel more compelling than the fear of not succeeding. And this is where hypnosis comes in.

How hypnosis can help stop self sabotage

Self sabotage, as we've seen, is an unconscious attempt at self protection. It is usually caused by old unconscious patterns that no longer work for us, and need to be updated.

Hypnosis is the art of communicating with the unconscious mind, and in this case we thank it for its effort to protect you and then gently inform it that times have changed and it can move on.

The Stop Self Sabotage hypnosis session will help you move along your own path to fulfillment.

As you relax and listen repeatedly to your session, you'll notice that you:

  • Stop feeling anxious about achieving goals.

  • Stop worrying so much about what might go wrong

  • Can better plan how to achieve your goals

  • Are better able to move forward with these plans

  • Begin to progress further in life.

    You can download a hypnosis recording here to get started on your journey to change or if you’d like to book an in person session in Xemxija , Malta please either email: or call 99355901