Retreat Based Intensive Therapy

Intensive retreat based therapy

Retreat-based therapy allows you to remove yourself from the responsibilities, demands, relationships, or stresses of day-to-day life


Personal or Couple COUNSELLING / Therapy retreats:

Individual or couple therapy retreats: In a time of crisis, at a crossroads, or when you need to dig deep

Almost everyone comes to a time of great difficulty in life. You may be overwhelmed, unable to manage your emotions, negative thoughts, or reactions to stress. You may be confronting patterns of addiction.* Perhaps a relationship may be in crisis, or you're coming to a major life choice or transition. Or you may simply know the way you are living must change.

If therapy by the hour isn't the right fit, and you don't want a cookie-cutter institutional experience, individual therapy retreats offer a different way.

Intensives and retreats are fully customized to address the goals, needs and schedule of each client, including:

  • Intensive support over several days for addressing challenges in depth and for accelerated growth and skill development

  • Inspiring locations to support growth and wellness, private, nature-based locations such as mountain lodges to leverage the medicinal power of sustained time in natural settings; for some clients this supports a desire to deepen their personal spirituality

  • A variety of issues including relationship crisis and conflict; addiction or habit cessation such as stopping smoking, drinking, pornography or media dependence, and other addictions

  • A range of supportive services including yoga and meditation instruction; walking and hiking, cross-country skiing and other activities can be woven into the counsellling process

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